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Blackburn Law, P.C.: Meridian & Boise, ID: Personal Injury & Car Accident Attorney

Stephen Blackburn is the attorney to call for all of your personal injury & car accident cases in Meridian & Boise, ID.

At Blackburn Law, PC, attorney Stephen Blackburn takes great care to give personal and individual attention to each and every case.  When you hire Mr. Blackburn, you are getting much more than someone who will take on your case for a contingency fee - you will get a lawyer who cares about you and will strive to understand how your personal injuries have affected you, your family and your quality of life. Many of our clients become great friends with whom we enjoy association long after the case is completed.

Mr. Blackburn vigorously pursues civil claims against drunk drivers.  People who operate motor vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are a menace to society, and cause collisions that seriously injure people every day. Attorney Blackburn believes drunk drivers and their insurers should be made to pay for the damages they cause as a result of their outrageous and reckless conduct.

Give Mr. Blackburn a call today. He'll take the time to analyze the facts of your case and get things moving forward so you can focus on the important aspects of rehabilitation.

Serving all of Idaho - Call now and speak directly with me.  I answer my own phone.

All types of Idaho personal injury cases, including:

·       Car accidents
·       Trucking accidents / Tractor Trailer
·       Motorcycle accidents / ATV / UTV accidents
·       Victims of drunk drivers
·       Hit-and-Run
·       Accidental shootings
·       Pedestrian / Bicycle accidents
·       Dog bites / Dog attack / Dog mauling / Animal attacks
·       Sexual abuse
·       Boating accidents
·       Slip and fall (must have really compelling facts)
·       School bus accidents
·       Tort claims against governmental entities (school districts, forest service, etc.)
·       General negligence claims
·       Uninsured motorist claims
·       Underinsured motorist claims

Common personal injuries associated with these claims are:

·       Wrongful death
·       Brain injuries (MTBI)
·       Broken bones / Fractures
·       Paralysis / Paraplegia / Quadriplegia
·       Scarring / Burns
·       Spinal cord injury - bruising, pinching, bulging disc
·       Neck and back injuries
·       Rotator cuff / Shoulder
·       ACL / MCL tears / Knee
·       Cervical / Thoracic / Lumbar sprains & strains
·       Pain and suffering

Other types of loss associated with personal injury claims are:

·       Loss of job / income
·       Loss of earning capacity
·       Loss of consortium
·       Property damage
·       Property loss
·       Diminution in value

Home Appointments are available in the following locations:

·       Boise, Idaho
·       Meridian, Idaho
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·       Nampa, Idaho
·       Caldwell, Idaho
·       Middleton, Idaho
·       Eagle, Idaho
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Junk Lawsuits? I Don't Think So, Mr. Simpson. Not in Idaho.
Link - Thu, 06 Mar 2014 20:38:12 GMT - Email The Author
I have spent the last week being bombarded by ads slamming plaintiffs, lawyers and lawsuits. These ads talk about "junk lawsuits" and are in support of Idaho Representative Mike Simpson. The ads are paid for by the US Chamber of Commerce. The ads are false and misleading and offensive to anyone who has had to seek justice through the courts in Idaho. As you probably know, the Chamber is a national special interest group that, in part, funds political campaigns. What most people don't know is that the Chamber publicly touts its conservative pro-small business stance but as a "non-profit" secretly hides its major donors and how much it spends on influencing elections to help large corporations and insurance companies. The Chamber fought hard for laws that shield its political activities and the money it spends on ads such as those slamming civil plaintiffs such as you. These ads are not cheap. Cloaked in secrecy, the Chamber spends millions buying elections for politicians who are willing to return the favor. In Congressman Simpson's case, it seems access to the courthouse for anyone but large corporations is their target. Mike Simpson and his ilk want people to believe it is all about money for lawyers and their "greedy" clients. They depend on the fact that most people have never had the misfortune of being injured or losing a loved one due to the carelessness of another. It is always a hard thing for me to have to explain to someone grieving the loss of a loved one that the responsible party can spend more on a fancy new car than they would ever be legally obligated to pay for negligently taking a child's life. Large corporations and groups like the Chamber ensure that this absurdity is the law in Idaho (and elsewhere) thanks to their bought-and-paid for politicians like Mike Simpson. The ugly truth is that taxpayers like you and I bear the burden and have to pay the cost of providing care for injured people and not their insurance company pals or the responsible party. So I ask Congressman Simpson how much the Chamber is spending on his behalf to mislead voters and influence this election and how it would compare to the $250,000 cap on damages in Idaho? Unfortunately, and thanks to the Chamber's spectacular success buying law makers, no one will ever know. Please write to (or call!) Congressman Simpson. Send him an email or letter explaining that you are a proud Idahoan who values access to justice for everyone and not just those that can afford to buy elections. If you have been injured or had a loved one killed, tell him about your personal experience and how your suit was not "junk." Tell him how you and your lawyer had to fight to get what little justice is left. Let him know that you value individual accountability and that it should apply to large corporations and individuals alike. Mike Simpson seems to have forgotten who he works for and what values really matter and needs a strong reminder. Write to: Mike Simpson 2312 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515T Call him at: 202-225-5531 Link to his web email:

Herd District car accidents vs. animals in Emmett, Idaho
Link - Wed, 05 Mar 2014 15:16:08 GMT - Email The Author
Idaho lost another of its citizens recently in a car vs. horse collision on Highway 16 near Eagle, Idaho. To add insult to injury, or in some cases, death, insurance companies will fight the legitimate claims of the surviving family members due to "technicalities" in the law, or procedural deficiencies in herd district creation. The law in Idaho is now settled that an insurance company that chooses to try to invalidate an existing herd district must do so within a certain period of time after its creation. Too often, insurance companies sit back and let Idaho citizens enjoy the protection of herd districts, but when a large claim such as wrongful death or serious personal injury is brought against the insurer, they try to invalidate the herd district to avoid paying for the injured person's medical bills. This is disgusting behavior and Idaho citizens should not tolerate it. One such case was recently decided in Guzman v. Piercy v. Canyon County and Sutton (2014 Opinion No. 10) docket No. 39708. Here is the URL to that opinion. Our hearts go out to Alma Sanchez of Emmett, Idaho and her six children. Ms. Sanchez recently lost her life when a car she was traveling in hit a horse on Highway 16 in Idaho. This should not have happened. It is wrong that it happened, and was clearly a preventable accident and unnecessary loss of life. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a herd district where a collision occurred between a horse or cow and a car, contact attorney Stephen Blackburn. 208-898-9442. Mr. Blackburn answers his own phone and will help you with this difficult process.

46-Car Accident in Meridian, Idaho
Link - Thu, 09 Jan 2014 23:43:23 GMT - Email The Author
From the Idaho Statesman:

"A wall of fog instantly cut visibility for motorists heading west Thursday morning past the Ten Mile Road overpass on Interstate 84 at Meridian. Within seconds, nearly four dozen cars, pickups and tractor-trailers began bouncing against other vehicles on the four-lane road.

The driver of a Subaru Forester tried to move over and clipped another car at about 9 a.m. Meanwhile, a logging truck loaded with logs and driving in the far left lane clipped a tractor-trailer, then hit the Subaru on the front ride side of the log trailer and dragged it, rolling, down the freeway.

Log truck driver Cory Ford, working for Brian Wilson Trucking of Emmett, said a semi and a car cut in front of him. He said he tapped his brakes and then felt a collision.

"I hit the car or the truck and hit the barrier hard," said Ford, also from Emmett.

Meridian resident Carlee Wonderlich was headed to Nampa when she was caught up in the crash.

Wonderlich — driving a small Toyota sedan — slowed down and was passed by a tractor-trailer. Then, she said, vehicles "just started bouncing off one another."

Her car made it through with only slight damage to its rear left side. "I'm blessed," she said, "when you look around and see what happened here."

Idaho City resident Jeff Wright said he was driving in the fast lane at about 60 mph when he hit the thick fog and slowed down. The Subaru at that point was behind him.

He said the log truck hit the Subaru, shearing off its front bumper and nameplate. He said he steered hard to the right and ended up in the third lane from the left when his Subaru Outback came to a stop.

Wright rushed over to assist the driver of the other Subaru.

"I thought he was dead," Wright said. "I couldn't believe that someone could have survived that crash."

Wright called 911 and said he tried to keep the man, who remained conscious, calm.

"I was holding his hand while I was calling dispatch," he said.

The injured man was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries, but is expected to survive, police said. Nine other people were taken to hospitals with less serious injuries.

The freeway remained closed the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon before reopening about 2 p.m.

Idaho State Police Capt. Bill Gardiner said it was fortunate that more people weren't injured and that no one died. He said the tragedy brought out the good in people, such as Wright, running to help the injured man.

"We have a lot of good people here and they pitched in to do what they could to help," Gardiner said.

First-responders used spray paint to mark the position of each vehicle after the crash, then numbered them. Reconstruction experts moved between the vehicles as two truck operators worked to remove those that could not be driven away.

It could take the reconstruction experts a couple of weeks to finish their work and determine what happened.

A Valley Regional Transit bus was at the scene from about 9:45 a.m. to about 11:40 a.m., spokesman Mark Carnopis said. During that time, it was used as a place for people to warm up, Carnopis said. The driver of the bus then drove a handful of people involved in the crash away from the scene.

Return to for more updates to this story. Our previous reporting is below:

Early morning commuters in the Treasure Valley encountered slick roads due to freezing rain that turned to light snow after a cold front passed through. After 9 a.m., dense fog became an issue in some parts of the Valley.

Emergency personnel were at the scene of these crashes at 9:30 a.m.:

— Westbound Interstate 84 near Ten Mile Road was closed at about 9 a.m. because of a crash involving a semi and several cars.

— A crash closed McMillan Road in both directions between Linder and Meridian roads.

— A crash closed Five Mile Road between Amity and Lake Hazel roads.

The cold front came through at about 5:30 a.m., according to the National Weather Service.

Just after 6 a.m., two crashes occurred on Interstate 84. One crash was in the eastbound lanes, just west of Orchard (three vehicles involved). Another crash was in the westbound lanes, west of Ten Mile (one vehicle). Paramedics were dispatched to both crashes.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office also tweeted that there was a crash at Desert and Maple Grove. No one was seriously injured in that crash.

Dispatchers in Boise, Elmore and Canyon counties said they were unaware of any early-morning crashes or slide-offs.

Boise could experience light rain and snow showers through the morning, as the front moves through the area. The forecast high for today is 39.

Temperatures in the region will warm up Friday, though Boise's high will only be a bit higher at about 40. Any precipitation Friday will be rain.

A Pacific storm will come through Saturday, bringing rain during the day and snow at night. Bogus Basin could get another 6 to 10 inches of snow by Sunday."

Read more here:
Folks, it's amazing not more people were seriously injured in this morning's pile-up.  Hopefully everyone comes out ok.  Imagine, however, the nightmare insurance issues associated with this case.  Whoever caused this accident may likely NOT have enough insurance to cover everyone's property damage or personal injuries.  Call an experience accident attorney for advice on how to handle this situation.

Attorney Stephen Blackburn is a Meridian, Idaho attorney who handles all types of personal injury claims stemming from accident just like this one.  208-898-9442

Fog causes accidents in Meridian and Boise Idaho
Link - Mon, 16 Dec 2013 15:55:04 GMT - Email The Author
There were several accidents this morning in Boise and Meridian, Idaho due to foggy conditions and drivers failing to exercise caution.  Be careful and remember to turn your brights to low beams in foggy situations, or you could significantly reduce your own visibility as your bright lights tend to reflect off the fog and back at you.

Be safe!  Christmas is just around the corner.  Wear your seat belts and arrive alive.  Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

Bicycle vs. car accidents are on the rise in Idaho
Link - Thu, 17 Oct 2013 16:46:29 GMT - Email The Author
From the Idaho Statesman:

"Another hit-and-run crash in Boise has hospitalized a bicyclist.

Thursday's incident took place a little after 7 a.m. at 8th and Myrtle streets in Downtown Boise.

Witnesses told police the female bicyclist was riding north on 8th Street and crossing the Myrtle intersection when a car going east on Myrtle struck the bike. Police said the bicyclist was taken to a local hospital with what appeared to be non-life-threatening injuries.

According to witnesses, the driver of the car did not stop after the crash. However, police say they are speaking with a man they think may be the driver of the vehicle involved in the crash.

By 8 a.m., the only evidence of the crash was a bicycle with a flashing headlight and a slightly damaged back end propped up against a nearby building, and a small amount of blood on the sidewalk. A police officer removed the bike before reopening the far right lane of Myrtle Street.

Two recent hit-and-run crashes in Boise resulted in the deaths of a pedestrian and a cyclist, and a third crash killed another cyclist.

Wiley A. Padden, 28, was struck by a pickup truck as he walked across State Street east of Collister at about 1:15 a.m. Oct. 4. The driver of the pickup, Adam Drew Weinert, 24, fled the scene before eventually turning himself in. He has been charged with felony leaving the scene of an accident resulting in injury or death.

Victor Haskell, 53, was killed Sept. 26 while riding his bike along State Street. He was found hours after the incident and later died at the hospital. Police released a description of the vehicle suspected of being involved in the crash. Gavin Bradford Haley, 31, turned himself in the following evening.

Last week, 56-year-old resident James Kelly died after he was hit by an SUV while riding his bike at Federal Way and the Broadway Avenue offramp."


Folks, we need to be careful out there!  Drive defensively and be alert to what you are doing while driving.  Let's make Idaho the safest place it can be for cyclists and drivers alike.

Read more here:

Texting and driving in Idaho causes car accidents
Link - Thu, 17 Oct 2013 16:34:05 GMT - Email The Author
Texting and driving is a real problem for teenagers and adults alike.  Please remember, texting and driving is a violation of Idaho law. Car accidents can and do happen very quickly. Being distracted, even for a second, can be enough to not see the pedestrian in the crosswalk, or the off-balance child on a bicycle, or the car turning left just ahead of you.

As a personal injury lawyer in Meridian, Idaho, I commonly see accidents, and the aftermath, where people who are texting on a cell phone are the cause of the crash.  Most of the time, the injuries sustained are relatively minor and with proper medical treatment the injured person can and does make a full recovery.  Sometimes, however, distracted or inattentive driving causes fatalities, paralysis, burns and other horrific scars.  These injuries last  long time, sometimes affected many more lives that just the person injured.

In addition, if you are found guilty of causing a crash while texting, your insurance rates will likely skyrocket, making it very expensive for you to get to work or school or whatever your destination.

Chances are, you or someone you know has been affected by a distracted driver.  Ask around, the link may be closer than you think.

Please drive carefully and attentively.  Arrive alive!

Meridian Idaho Car Accident Attorney
Link - Sat, 15 Jun 2013 12:34:16 GMT - Email The Author
With summer here and our activities lined up, it is important to remember a few basic driving tips to make sure our travels are safe.
First, buckle up, it only takes a couple seconds and can save your life if you are in an accident.

Second, if using a GPS, put the route in before you leave. This way, you won't be distracted, even for a second, while driving to your destination.

Third, assign a passenger to change the radio station. While this may seem silly to some, distracted driving kills or maims people every day in Idaho.

Fourth, if you must talk on the cell phone while you are driving, please use a headset with a Bluetooth connection. The preference, of course, is to focus on driving and not on talking, so even better would simply be to put the cell phone on vibrate and return calls once you reach your destination.

As a personal injury lawyer, I see how distracted driving affects families. Almost daily I receive phone calls from individuals or families who have been in car crashes and the majority of those end up being insurance claims that costs thousands and thousands of dollars for medical treatment, property damage and lost wages.

Avoid being a statistic - focus on driving and get to your destination safely. Aren't you worth it?

I you do happen to suffer the unfortunate reality of a car crash, feel free to call me and talk to me personally about your case. 208-898-9442 or visit my website for more information.

Fatal Motorcycle vs. Truck Collision in Boise, Idaho
Link - Fri, 11 Jan 2013 11:25:37 GMT - Email The Author
From the Idaho Statesman 8/27/2012:

"The westbound lanes of State Street just past the Eagle Road intersection are closed to traffic while emergency crews investigate a fatal car vs. motorcycle crash in the area.

The crash was reported at 7:23 a.m. Monday in front of the Shady Acres gas station in the 4100 block of West State Street, which is just west of Eagle Road, according to Ada County dispatch reports.

Witnesses told Ada County Sheriff’s deputies that an adult male driver of a Ford pickup truck going eastbound on State Street turned left to go to the parking lot of the station and collided with an adult male motorcyclist, who was going westbound on State Street.

The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash Ada County Sheriff's officials say.

Eastbound traffic at State Street is still moving but westbound traffic was still being diverted north at Park Lane as of 9:30 a.m.

Sheriff’s deputies say the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet. The driver of the truck was not injured.

No arrests or citations had been issued in connection with the crash as of 9:30 a.m."

Our condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.  Accidents like this should never happen, yet they do.  While I make no assumptions as to the facts of this particular case, all too often, I find that people are driving more distracted than ever.  Whether it be a cell phone, texting, and iPod or other forms of distraction, more and more drivers are paying less attention to the roadway and their surroundings. In today's hustle and bustle society, we must be more vigilant than ever!

Attorney Stephen Blackburn helps families who are suffering through serious injury or death. While true there is nothing that can restore a limb, or bring a loved one back, we cannot and must not let insurance companies dictate the "value" of your body or life. 208-898-9442.

Read more here:

Deadly Car Accident on Hwy 16 Idaho
Link - Thu, 20 Dec 2012 17:18:23 GMT - Email The Author

Another car accident claimed the life of a young Eagle, Idaho girl.  Our sincere condolences to the families of everyone involved.

From The Idaho Statesman:

"A 16-year-old Eagle girl died Tuesday from injuries suffered in a two-car crash on Highway 16 last week.

The girl had been unconscious since Dec. 10 when the 2008 Honda Accord she was driving west on Floating Feather was struck by a 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee headed north on the highway about 6:45 a.m., according to the Ada County Sheriff's Office.

A 16-year-old boy in the Accord was seriously injured but is recovering. The Jeep's driver, a 50-year-old Emmett woman, also was injured and is receiving ongoing medical care.

Investigators say the girl stopped at a stop sign on Floating Feather Road at the highway. She waited a few seconds before proceeding but when she did was immediately broadsided by the Jeep.

All three were wearing seat belts and both vehicle had working airbags.

The investigation is ongoing and will be forwarded to the Ada County Prosecutor's Office for review.

The girl was pronounced dead Tuesday evening at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center. Her name has not yet been released."

*** We remind everyone this Christmas and New Years season to be cautious while driving. Our bodies are much more fragile than the vehicles we drive. Take some extra time.  Look and look again. Remember your defensive driving skills. Arrive alive! ***

Read more here:

Excessive Speed Car Crash in Boise Idaho
Link - Sun, 04 Mar 2012 01:32:58 GMT - Email The Author
Excessive speed can cause serious injury and death. Our legislature enacts speed limits for a reason. When we disregard these limits, bad things happen.  Our condolences to the families of all involved in the tragedy that occurred in Boise early Saturday.

From The Idaho Statesman:

Boise police and the Ada County Coroner said that Scott R. Hyde, 18, of Meridian, died in a crash on the Curtis off ramp from the I-184 connector at 1:20 a.m. Saturday morning.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation, but police say excessive speed was a factor.

The crash involved a single car, a 2002 silver Lexus four-door. Five people, Hyde, along with two boys and two girls, ages 17 to 19, were inside. Hyde died instantly at the scene, said police. Three others, including the driver, remain hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

A fourth passenger, a girl riding in the front seat, suffered non-life threatening injuries. She is a juvenile, so police are not releasing details about her condition. Investigators say she was the only person in the car wearing a seat belt.

Police say the Lexus hit a cement wall at a high rate of speed. The impact scattered debris from the crash over a large area. The cement wall was also damaged. Boise firefighters had to extricate both front seat occupants.

Police are asking anyone who may have seen the Lexus before the crash to contact them at 570-6290. Officers believe the car traveled up Front Street to I-184 possibly via Broadway or Boise Ave."


DISCLAIMER: This site and any information contained herein are intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Seek competent legal counsel for advice on any legal matter.
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